You get the greatest together, like the BOMB Squad, and great things happen.

From all the bubblegum years represented between the BOMB Squad Heroes, one thought above all stood out. Competition, or, as Chewsy Suzy would say, “GUM”petition, is what made bubble blowing. Bubble blowing needed a contest, but one made like the great bubble blowers would like to see, not necessarily ones like bubblegum manufacturers had run in the past.

They wanted a contest that showed great bubble blowers having a chance to blow as big a bubble as they could on their own terms. One that took away as many of the artificial rules and limitations as possible. One that didn’t tell bubble blowers what kind of bubblegum they could chew, how much they could chew, or where or when they had to blow their bubbles. They didn’t want bubble blowers told “you can’t compete because your too old” (although being too young is a problem, due to restrictive laws having to do with kids on the internet) or “because your not in a certain place at a certain time” or “because there was no contest at a certain given time.” They wanted a contest open 24/7/365, and they wanted it open to as much of the world as possible.

And so the BWC was developed and came into existence
on August 8, 2008. 8-8-08, which as we understand, was the 80th anniversary of the invention of bubblegum (The exact date is unknown, but accounts say it happened in “early August”).

The BWC is a contest built by the greatest bubble blowers ever for bubble blowers who would like to earn some of the fame and glory the BOMB Squad Heroes have enjoyed. It is set up the way they would have liked to have seen a contest be in the years they were blowing their bubbles. It has seen a number of World Champions, the biggest bubbles ever blown in bubblegum contests, and has even seen the first winner of a major bubblegum championship from out of the United States.

It’s made by The BOMB Squad. It’s home is in Bubblegum Heaven. It has the greatest bubble blowers in the world. It has the biggest bubbles ever blown. It gives you the chance to become World Champion and write your name into the bubblegum history books. It’s all about exactly what Walter Deimer created bubblegum for. The big bubble. And it’s free!

It’s the greatest bubble blowing contest. Ever!

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