BOMB Blog 29: CHAD FELL-Guinness World Record Holder- Joins The BOMB Squad!

Chad Fell Joins The BOMB Squad
( Guinness World Record Holder (GWRH) Chad Fell, who holds the record for the largest unnassisted bubble, has joined fellow GWRH bubble blowers Susan Montgomery Williams (largest bubbegum bubble) and Joyce Samuels (largest bubblegum bubble blown from the nose), along with Dr. Enaught T. Wiseham (blower of the bigeest actual bubble) as the newest member of The Blowers of Mega Bubbles, The BOMB Squad, and as such has earned the distinction of being one of the greatest bubble blowers ever.

“This is a major step for both the growth of The BOMB Squad and the website” said Bobby “BOOM BOOM” Bickerson, the Commissioner of The BUBBLEGUM WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP. “Chad makes a spectacular BOMB Squad Hero. His accomplishments go way farther than just breaking a Guinness World Record. He created a brand new record that had never existed before, and as such has given the bubble gum bubble blowing world a whole new opportunity at bubblegum fame and glory. The BOMB Squad is all about creating the future of bubble gum, and what Chad has done fits perfectly into that future.”

More details on this developing story will be coming soon.

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15 thoughts on “BOMB Blog 29: CHAD FELL-Guinness World Record Holder- Joins The BOMB Squad!

  1. Happy to welcome Chad to the group. He is a class act when it comes to blowing and one of the only members to be featured on TV in the past few years.

    • Chad is definately one of the greatest bubble blowers ever and his accomplishments are truly what the website are all about, expanding opportunities for bubble blowers worldwide to grab their share of bubble blowing glory.

      It’s one thing to blow Mega Bubbles without using your hands. It’s quite another to petition Guinness to recognize there is special merit in doing so and convincing them to start a whole new record. That’s an incredible accomplishment that should be recognized in the annals of bubblegum history now and forever.

      Chad Fell. The Bubblegum Heaven BOMB Squad Hero Stamp of Approval is solidly affixed!

  2. this is a random question but we are putting on an event next month in California and would like to hire a Bubble blower. Could you recommend anyone and give me contact details?

    • If your in California your best bet is probably AG, a former BWC World Champion, but there’s also Gatemouth and Squarepegs.

      To contact them, go to the our homepage at, look them up on the rankings pictures at the right of the screen and then click on their picture, which should take you to their page.

      Good luck!

  3. Ansley, hope you’ll contact AG and you guys can get it done.

    He is for sure one of the greatest bubble blowers in the world!

  4. This man is so cool! I would like his e-mail address, so I can send him a message describing how awesome he is at bubble blowing (and maybe he can even give me tips on big bubble blowing). Is there any way that I can contact him?

    • I agree. Chad Fell really is cool. There’s a great video of him on youtube on the Rachel Ray show if you want to see him in action, and while I may be wrong, it’s my opinion that she may possibly have accidentally popped his bubble on the show while she was measuring it.

      Anyway, I can’t really give out Chad’s email address but I can forward a message to him if you’d like me to (just can’t really guarantee he’ll respond because I know he’s a very busy man).

  5. Thanks for the great words. Its great to enjoy the fellowship among other bubblegum blowers and lovers of bubblegum. Sorry I haven’t posted sooner, but I am working a full time job, part time job and am doing personal training at the fitness center. Keep up the great work on this awesome website; anything I can do, please do not hesitate to contact me.

    • Hey Chad!

      We are trying to get a hold of you some how to see if you’d consider being in our documentary on – you guessed it – chewing gum! Can you please email me your contact info so I can tell you more? I can be reached at



  6. Hey Chad!

    I saw your page on the Guinness website at
    and I think it’s one of the greatest things ever, but it also at the same time kind of makes me laugh to read some of the the comments underneath your picture.

    “He must have used a lot of gum.”
    (You had to use 3 pieces as per the rules, which makes your accomplishments pretty unbelievable).

    “There is a balloon in front of his face.”
    (Uh, right. I really doubt THAT is part of the Guinness rules).

    “I could break that easy.”
    (Ummm, sure you could. I’m sure there are a lot of people who could break Guinness World Records who, I guess, just don’t want to be recognized by Guinness or something).

    “I could make a bigger one.”
    (Then come on down to the BWC and do it!)

    “I could double that any day…”
    (Where do people get this stuff???)

    Anyway Chad, congratulations your accomplishments. I must say when your name popped up in the record book it sparked a lot of pretty interesting conversation down at Chewsy Suzy’s. And now I’m glad, and I think I can probably speak for Suzy when I say this, that you’ve taken the step above the world record and now we are all on the same team…

    The BOMB Squad!

  7. Chad’s from Alabama. He didn’t break, but actually, CREATED the record, one of the singularly greatest accomplishments in bubblegum history, at Double Springs High School in Winston County, Alabama.

    Good luck on the book, hope it has lots of great bubblegum stuff in it because hey. Bubblegum is the greatest thing. EVER!

    Bobby BBB

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