Non-Bubblegum Blog #1: Commissioner Bickerson Reacts To Non Bubble Gum Websites That Have “Bubblegum” In Their Names On The Internet

This has always been a source of both pride and frustration for me.

First of all it tells us just what an incredible product bubble gum really is. Not just for the amazing story it took for it to even get invented in the first place. Not for the booming success it has had for 84 years. Not for the endless history it has created. But, just going by the old saying that “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery,” then what product ever created can touch bubble gum?

Just type the word “bubblegum” into Google and see all the websites there are that use the word “bubblegum” in their names (or use them it in their website titles) but have nothing to do with the product that started it all, Walter Diemer’s good ol’ bubble blowing bubble gum.

That’s what this page will do. Name a number (though probably not all, since a Google search of the word bubblegum can bring over 20 million results) of those websites with bubblegum in their name.

So why are sites that have bubblegum in their names a source of frustration? They were more so in the past, but we have gotten by a lot of it, as we have passed up many on the search engines. The way we see it, when it comes to search engine placement, the best website for a keyword search should be placed at the top of the list. In our case, is far and away bubblegum’s greatest website, totally dedicated to bubblegum, and with all kinds of bubble blowing content. It’s the home of the greatest bubble blowers, the greatest bubble blowing contest and the biggest bubbes ever blown in competition. It’s not a gigantic website that might have millions of pages, of which perhaps one is dedicated to bubblegum (and to make matters worse may have an extremely tiny amount of bubblegum information, if any). It just doesn’t seem right., but it goes up near the top of the list just because it is so immense. But has perservered, and has come near the top of Google and continues to press on.

So, to do this, I’ll just start near the top of a popular search engine and just list some of them, and tell a little about what they are about.

If anything on the list catches your attention and you would like to learn more, your best bet to find it is to do a search on Google for the name, and it should likely be there.

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