Expert Web Designers Rip

Well, I don’t know for sure that they really are experts, but I’ll give them that credit.

I wrote a yahoo question looking for advice anyone could give me on getting the website into Google’s 10 ten for a search of bubblegum.

What I got was a big blast of what I’ll call “constructive criticism.”

Among the criticisms were:

“…hoped it would appear on page 200 of a google search.”
“…place your site within the top ten worst sites.”
“You have no idea on how to build a Website.”
“Your site is terrible…”
“I am sorry to say your site looks like the worse bubblegum site in the world…”

Thanks for your opinions guys. But after reading what you’ve said I have more questions to ask you. has not been built by a highly paid professional website designer and, as such, may very well include, or not include, things that would make such a person deem the website the way it was above.

So here’s my questions.

If the website is so bad, why is it in Google’s 14th position for the searchword “bubblegum?” 14th is on page 2, it isn’t on page 200.

If it is the worst bubblegum website, then why is it above over 18,000,000 other websites for the search bubblegum?

If our site is terrible, or worse, that we have no idea how to build a website at all, then why does Google mention it at all?

If you guys say what you say about the website and Google says something completely different, then does that make you bigger experts than Google?

If we follow your advice, how much higher then 14th can we expect our website to rank?

And finally, if we get a really excellent website developer to build us a new website, how much higher do you think our website will climb?

Thanks for the advice, guys. Just trying to make the best of it.

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