Big Bubble Blower Looks To Compete Against Guinness Record Holder

It had simmered in his head for nearly a lifetime. The Guinness World Record for blowing the largest bubble.

He always thought he could do it. His experiences convinced him. His pictures should convince you. He can blow gigantic bubbles!

“The record had always been my dream, and it’s record holder was always etched on my mind” said Dr. Enaught T. Wiseham. “Susan Montgomery Williams and her now 23 inch bubble. I would buy the book every year just to see her picture in it. It’s an unbelievable record, one she has held 28 years, and one, judging by the worldwide love ofbubblegum, has to be one of Guinness’ most popular. Still I alwaysthought I could break it.”

There was just always that one aggravating little catch. Guinness’ “3-piece rule.”

“It always came down to that” said Wiseham. “An artificial limitation. See I believe in blowing bubbles way bigger than 23 inches. The difference? I can use over a hundred pieces of bubblegum, and Guinness only allows three to be eligible to break the record. Why does there
have to be that limitation?”

“I recently noticed that Ms. Williams has joined forces with another Guinness Record Holder for blowing bubbles, Joyce Samuels, who holds the record for blowing the largest bubble from her nose, 16 inches. They apparently want to promote their record abilities, and I think
that’s a good idea. Such a good idea, in fact, that I figured that’s what I should do. And perhaps show those record holders, and more importantly, the world, what big bubbles are really all about!”

“So I’m issuing this press release to announce the creation of BUBL, the Blowing Unbelievable Bubbles League. BUBL is going to be the greatest thing in bubblegum. If you care about big bubbles, be ready because BUBL is going to be the place to be!”

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