World Record Bubble Blower Introduces GUMpete-O-meter Bubble Measurer

Here’s the article that was released by the Chewsy Suzy GUMpany about the introduction of the bubble measuring GUMpete-O-meter.

The CHEWSY SUZY GUMpany recently announced the answer to the 27 year-old question “where can I get something that can measure my bubble?”

“It’s probably more like a 79 year old question that goes back to the birth of bubblegum,” explained “Chewsy Suzy,” Susan Mont”GUM”ery Williams, Guinness world record holder of the largest bubblegum bubble.

“I started asking the question myself when I invented the “Chewsy Suzy Cinch” and started blowing gigantic bubbles, and it continued right on when I broke the record with a 19 ¼ inch bubble in 1979, all the way through the other three times I rebroke the record which now stands at 23 inches. And I still get asked the question all the time.”

“I never had an answer because I never knew anyone who sold them. But when you’re the greatest bubble blower of all time and you become of aware of bubblegum problems, you want to create solutions. That’s why my company has developed the Chewsy Suzy GUMpete-O-meter, to measure both giant and world record size bubblegum bubbles.”

“The name GUMpete-O-meter is taken from my slogan “27 years and still looking for some GUMpetition,” a slogan that has to be renewed yearly. I’ve held the record that long and even though many have tried, no one has challenged me in all that time. There are millions of kids out there who would love to have my record, and to them I say go for it! But the fact is, if you can’t measure the size of your bubbles, that simply makes the task all the more difficult if not impossible.”

“I created the GUMpete-O-meter with Chewsy Suzy-brand optimism. My official world record is 23 inches but I have blown much larger bubbles than that. There’s a world of potential in blowing gigantic bubbles, size-wise, fun-wise and business-wise. That’s why I’ve made them so they can measure a bubble up to 37 ½ inches. Like I say, I’m looking for some GUMpetition and to help provide big bubblegum fun, and that’s exactly what the GUMpete-O-meter helps to do. I’m also looking forward to big things in bubblegum’s future, and The GUMpete-O-meter can handle that.”

At last, the question is answered. Buy a GUMpete-O-meter from The Chewsy Suzy GUMpany, and find out just how big your bubbles really are.

About Susan Montgomery Williams and The CHEWSY SUZY GUMpany:

Chewsy Suzy, after inventing a new way of blowing a bubblegum bubble called “The Chewsy Suzy Cinch,” rocketed into bubblegum history books in 1979 by breaking the Guinness world record for largest bubble gum bubble with a 19 inch bubble. Her exploits have lead to several national TV appearances, including her fourth and most recent breaking of the record with a 23 inch bubble, for being arrested at a rock and roll concert for popping her bubblegum too loud, and blowing a bubble underwater on Japanese TV. The mission of her company, The CHEWSY SUZY GUMpany, is to create products and publicity designed to lead bubblegum back to it’s roots, it’s ability to create big bubbles and big fun.

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