Bubble Gum Blowing Legend Starts Own Company

This is a 2007 article about Susan Montgomery Williams starting her own company to promote bubble blowing, the Chewsy Suzy GUMpany:

She invented a new way to blow a bubble, broke the world record and rebroke it three more times. Now she wants to create bubblegum’s future by taking it back to where it all began.

Citing a need to restore bubblegum back to it’s former glory, Susan Mont”GUM”ery Williams, Guinness world record holder for blowing the largest bubblegum bubble, recently announced the start of her own company, The CHEWSY SUZY GUMpany.

Williams, who is known by the name “Chewsy Suzy,” explained that since she broke the record in 1979 she has noticed a disturbing trend in the bubblegum business. One that seemingly places more emphasis on the taste of bubblegum rather than on what it was made for in the first place, it’s ability to blow big bubbles.

“Read the stories of the inventor of bubblegum” she explains. “I don’t ever recall reading one that mentioned taste. It’s always about bubbles. About how he would train salesmen to take the product out and blow bubbles with it. About how he would hold bubble blowing contests for kids. The man was, of all things, an accountant, and when you think of that field, the words “exciting” and “fun” don’t exactly spring to mind. Yet, according to a Wikipedia page on bubblegum, he was portrayed by Smithsonian as the undisputed hero of children across the world. That’s the power of bubblegum promoted properly.”

“Countless candies have come and gone since bubblegum was created, and they competed on taste. Bubblegum can do what none of them could ever do. Blow bubbles. That’s why it’s still around, is doing better then ever and will probably be around forever. I believe it’s the greatest food of all time.”

“Bubblegum was built on the big bubble and big fun. That’s what needs to be driven home. It’s inventor knew it and after holding it’s most important record for over one third of the time the product has existed, I know it too. That’s exactly what my company intends to do. Create the future of bubblegum by taking it back to it’s roots.”

Who better to do that than the greatest bubble blower of all time?

About Susan Montgomery Williams and The CHEWSY SUZY GUMpany:

Chewsy Suzy (quote: “I was born to chew gum. My name even has “GUM” in it!”), after inventing a new way of blowing a bubblegum bubble called “The Chewsy Suzy Cinch,” rocketed into bubblegum history books in 1979 by breaking the Guinness world record for largest bubble gum bubble with a 19 inch bubble. Her exploits have lead to several national TV appearances, including her fourth and most recent breaking of the record with a 23 inch bubble, being arrested at a rock and roll concert for popping her bubblegum too loud, and blowing a bubble underwater on Japanese TV. The mission of her company, The CHEWSY SUZY GUMpany, is to create products and publicity designed to lead bubblegum back to it’s “roots,” it’s ability to create big bubbles and big fun.

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