BUBL Issues Challenge To Guinness World Record Holder

This was a 2008 article about BUBL challenging the notion about whether Guinness World Record Holder Susan Montgomery Williams really did blow the largest bubble ever. Here it is:

“To us, the largest bubble gum bubble blown means exactly what it says. Not the largest bubblegum bubble blown to Guinness specifications, but simply, the largest bubblegum bubble blown” said Earl, “The Gum Bubble Coach” Hartwell, Co-Founder of BUBL and Canada’s Greatest Bubblegum Bubble Blower.

“That’s right” added Dr. Enaught T. Wiseham, BUBL co-founder. “Susan Montgomery Williams and her Guinness-defined world’s largest bubble and 28 year reign as world record holder could very well be sports history’s greatest achievement. But that’s exactly what we think is wrong with it. Guinness says it’s the largest bubble, and Guinness is who set up the rules, so that is what it is. We know bubbles larger than 23 inches have been blown. Chewsy Suzy may be bubble gum’s greatest bubble blower, but that only tells part of the story.”

“I agree” said Coach Hartwell. “That’s why we’re sending a challenge to Ms. Williams at The CHEWSY SUZY GUMpany. We are very curious to find out, and we think the bubblegum blowing world also wants to know, exactly what she thinks about this issue. Here is what we have asked.”

“Ms. Williams, with all due respect to your past accomplishments, it is the position of BUBL that your 23 inch Guinness World Record bubblegum is not in fact the largest bubble that has ever been blown. BUBL challenges you to comment on this issue, so that we may know exactly what your position is on it. We know you not just as a proponent of what you call “GUMpetition,” but probably the inventor of the word itself, and we’d like to find out how serious you are about creating just that.”

“It will be interesting to see her response, if she makes one” Hartwell said. “Bubblegum is a product that screams the “It’s my life and I’ll do what I want” attitude and the Guinness rule seems to go totally against that. They probably have a good reason for their rule, but our reason for what we do is vastly superior. We want to blow the biggest bubbles PERIOD. Not the “largest bubblegum bubble blown with three pieces of bubblegum.” So Chewsy Suzy, this is a big issue about big bubbles, and you’re the expert. Let’s hear what you have to say!

“BUBL and the bubblegum bubble blowing world want to know.”

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