Founding of BUBL Announced

What follows is an article about the founding of the BUBL, an organization which rose up to challenge Susan Montgomery Williams as the blower of the largest bubble.

BUBL, after proving their point, would go on to merge with Susan Montgomery Williams and Joyce Samuels to form The BOMB Squad.

Here’s the article.

The Blowing Unbelievable Bubbles League (BUBL), an organization created to challenge the notion that holders of Guinness World Records for blowing the largest bubblegum bubbles actually do blow the largest bubbles, today announced the addition of Earl “The Gum Bubble Coach” Hartwell as Co-Founder.

“This is a spectacular day for blowing unbelievable bubbles” said BUBL founder Dr. Enaught T. Wiseham. “It’s a real one-two punch. Not only does one of the all time greatest bubblegum bubble blowers join us, BUBL also expands beyond the borders of the United States, which is fitting because bubblegum is loved worldwide.”

“BUBL is out to show the world who truly blows the largest bubblegum bubbles and adding Coach Hartwell to our team is a big step towards doing that. The Guinness World Record just doesn’t take into account bubbles that aren’t blown according to their rules. If you blow bubbles, know this. You don’t have to be the world record holder to blow the largest bubbles!”

“I’m pleased to be joining BUBL, along with Dr. Wiseham” said Coach Hartwell, who’s website, where he teaches how to blow gigantic bubbles, can be seen at “I believe that Susan Montgomery Williams’ 28 year run as the Guinness World Record Holder for largest bubblegum bubble could well be sport’s greatest single accomplishment, but I don’t believe her record 23 inch bubble is the largest that’s ever been blown. Guinness has that rule where you can only use three pieces of bubble gum to break their record, which I think is an unfair limitation. There’s no doubt about it. Susan Montgomery Williams is a great bubblegum blower. But Dr. Wiseham, the Gum Bubble Coach and BUBL are here to give her exactly what she’s been asking for all these years. Some REAL big bubble GUMpetition!”

“I couldn’t agree with Coach Hartwell more” said Dr. Wiseham. “I think Chewsy Suzy is in for a big surprise. BUBL is here and we have a big message for all bubblegum blowers everywhere. The bubblegum world is just about to get a lot more interesting. And if you are looking for bubblegum glory keep pushing for it. It just may be a lot closer than you think!”

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