Bubblegum’s Biggest Controversy

This is an article I wrote years ago about what was bubblegum’s biggest controversy at the time. It may not be at the time you read this, but anyway, here’s how it goes:

It’s been the cause of much celebration. And much grief.

It’s created what could be greatest record run of any sport. And it’s created outsiders blowing gigantic bubbles “that don’t count” looking in.

It’s the “3 piece rule” that the Guinness Book Of World Records requires bubblegum blowers to abide by when attempting to break their record for the largest bubblegum bubble blown.

It has lead to the amazing record of BOMB Squad Hero Chewsy Suzy, Susan Mont”GUM”ery Williams, who has held this granddaddy of all bubblegum bubble records for 29 years, a great majority of the time the record has been in existence.

And it has been the driving force behind the efforts of fellow BOMB Squad Heroes Dr. Enaught T. Wiseham and Earl “The GUM Bubble Coach” Hartwell to bring the issue to the forefront and question why bubbles blown with more than 3 pieces are not equally valid.

It’s a question that’s raged for years, and there are good arguments for both sides of the issue. Such good arguments that it became “THE ISSUE” which brought these bubblegum legends together not only to form The BOMB Squad, but to create the glorious BUBBLEGUM WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP, where you could win the world championship of bubblegum blowing regardless of how many pieces of bubblegum you use to blow a bubble. Now bubble blowers the world over can reap the benefits of both worlds.

So while the Guinness World Record is still one of biggests thing going in the bubblegum world, it’s not the only thing. Because The BOMB Squad wants to give you the chance at bubblegum fame and glory no matter how much bubblegum you want to chew to blow a MEGA bubble!

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