Totally Bubblegum Websites and Google Rankings

It’s Christmas and I thought I’d spread a little Christmas cheer to some I think deserve it.

Plus vent a little. Oh well.

What I have to say is about Google ratings, and/or a lack of them. Some things really bother me about this. is really trying hard to get into the Google top ten when the word “bubblegum” is Googled. We think we deserve it because our site is all about bubblegum and bubblegum bubbles, and it’s the best site about them. Explore a little and see if I’m telling the truth. While we are pretty close to the top 10, we just can’t quite seem to get over the top.

Another thing about us is we are all about bubblegum from end to end. We are not a single page or group of pages on a website that otherwise has very little or nothing to do about bubblegum, nor are we a website or webpage that mentions the word “bubblegum” but has totally nothing to do with the stuff you chew.

That’s what really gets me about Google. Do searches for “bubblegum” and “bubble gum” (without quotation marks) and you will find very few websites that are all about actual bubblegum from beginning to end. Wouldn’t you think that’s exactly the kind of passion and focus that Google searchers are looking for?

What you really get is something quite different. So I decided to do a study of search results and here’s what I found at the time of the study.

I did a search for “bubblegum” and got 795 actual websites and under “bubble gum” I got 700. That’s 1495 websites out of a total of over 44,000,000 results.

Here’s more of what I found.

1) Highly ranked websites that had parts of them that had a lot to do with actual bubblegum.
2) Large websites that had a single page about bubblegum that happened to get highly rated.

3) Large Websites that had a single page on them that had the word “bubblegum” or “bubble gum” on them that had absolutely nothing to do with actual bubblegum that got highly rated. These are the most aggravating of all.

4) 6 websites that were all about bubblegum from beginning to end.

So I’m writing this to salute those 6 websites I found (if I missed any at the time I wrote this, let me know) that are all about bubblegum, and to give them some recognition, plus a valuable link that will hopefully help their search results.

First of all was the second most highly ranked website in both searches, BubbleGum Day. This is a website that has designated a special day of the year (this year its Feb. 4) as a bubblegum chewing fundraiser, where, for example, schoolchildren can pay a small amount of money and be able to chew bubblegum for the day, with the money to go to a worthy cause. This website was ranked #26 and #35 in the searches.

Next was a website about a bubblegum manufacturer in Texas, Andy Paris: Bubblegum King. This website was ranked #63 in a search for bubblegum.

The next one was Bubble Gum Blog. This page has quite a bit of good general information about bubblegum with links to where you can buy several brands. It was ranked #258 and #223.

The fourth one I found was OMG Bubble Gum Bubbles. It was a number of pages of people blowing bubbles. It was ranked #229 in a search for bubblegum.

The last was which appears to be a one page animation about bubblegum. It was ranked #260.

Topping both lists at #18 and #26 was Bubblegum Heaven .com. All about bubblegum, the bubbles it blows, the people who blow it and of course, The BUBBLEGUM WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP, bubble blowing’s greatest contest.

I’d just like to thank these websites for keeping so tightly focused on bubblegum and wish them good luck on their climb through the ratings.

And if Google’s listening, I think it sure would be great if you gave more credit to websites that are really focused on actual, honest to goodness bubblegum.

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