Has Susan Montgomery Williams Guinness World Record 23 Incher Been Broken?

This article came out in 2008 about Malik Zaheer Hussain, a Pakistani who claims to have blown a 30 inch bubble, which, if verified by Guinness World Records, would shatter the mark of BOMB Squad Hero Susan Montgomery Williams.

On the page referred to, which includes a picture of Malik blowing a huge bubble using the technique Susan invented, The Chewsy Suzy Cinch, Malik says he contacted Guinness about his bubble but we have never heard anything about the record being broken. It’s still, as far we know the day this was written, as Suzy would say, “32 years and still looking for some GUMpetition!”

Well, I’ll tell you, I have good news and bad news about this story. I’ll start with the bad.

I talked with Susan a lot about this and found out it is very difficult to break a Guinness World Record. Because not only do you have to perform the accomplishment, you have to do it under Guinness- approved conditions, which makes it way more difficult.

I’ve witnessed Susan blow much bigger bubbles than her record 23 incher, and she told me she has blown 30+ inches in competitions, the only problem was they weren’t done according to what Guinness wanted, and so, no new record. Because let’s face it. Chances are a great bubble blower is going to sometimes if not often blow bigger bubbles in the comfort of their own home with no pressure on then when they are asked to perform with the record on the line. That’s the bad news, but on the other hand it does contain a bit of good news for people looking to break the record. That is, if you can do it Guinness style, you only have to beat 23 inches and not 30 or more to get that record.

The other good news is this. In another article on your bubble it said you were willing to accept any challenge to prove your skill. That’s great, because now you can compete in the contest Susan helped create, The BUBBLEGUM WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP, and compete against the world’s greatest bubble blowers. The rules are far less restrictive than those of Guinness, you can compete whenever you like, and if you blow a really great bubble you can win the World Championship of bubble blowing and write your name into the history books that way.

So Malik, come on down and bring your best bubbles. Because at Bubblegum Heaven you always have a chance at bubble gum glory!

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