BOMB Blast 51: First Bubblegum Bubble Cards Created

2010 brought about something that harkens back to the days of Frank Fleer. That was when we created a bubblegum card set of bubble blowers who had competed in the BWC. We are sure Frank Fleer, Gilbert Mustin and Walter Diemer would have loved this. Bubblegum cards for great bubble blowers.

We hope that one day bubblegum cards will reappear.

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2 thoughts on “BOMB Blast 51: First Bubblegum Bubble Cards Created

  1. Oh man, I remember those bublbe gum tacos. I loved the whole bublbegum made to look like food packaging. Stuff like burgers and pizzas. So awesome.

  2. Thanks for your comment. You know, when I put up this blog I forgot to add a link to the page that has the bubblegumcards on them. You can see them here:

    I think I saw bubblegum baloney sandwiches once.

    And of course lets not forget bubblegum cigars. Just think, bubblegum and smoking combined into one package, wouldn’t that drive parents nuts.

    Personally, it’s always been my dream to have a line of cool Bobby “BOOM BOOM” Bickerson signature exploding bubblegum cigars, the bubblegum cigar of the BUBBLEGUM WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP, direct from Bubbegum Heaven. Wouldn’t that be great? :)

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