The BOMB Squad wanted to make a very big splash, and they chose the date August 8, 2008, 8-8-08, to do it. Since one story about Walter Diemer’s invention of bubblegum happened “in early August of 1928″ it was deemed that 8-8-08 would be bubblegum’s 80th anniversary, and plans were set to launch on that date The BUBBLEGUM WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP (The BWC), bubblegum blowing’s greatest contest.

The BWC is an internet bubble blowing contest at that is available to anyone over 18 who can post a picture of themselves blowing a bubble. It is a contest developed by the BOMB Squad in a way that they would have liked to seen when they were coming up. A contest different from one a manufacturer might put on. A contest which is not about any particular brand of bubblegum, but rather about seeing just who can blow the actual biggest bubble with as few restrictions as possible. A contest that is basically open anytime a person has the urge to blow some super huge bubbles.

The plans are for the BWC to lead bubblegum into it’s future, securing the chance for anyone who would like the possibility of bubble blowing fame and glory and to leave their own mark on bubblegum history.j

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