BOMB Blast 34: Susan and Joyce Samuels Do Call To Greatness

In an event that would mark the beginning of a relationship that would hold major implications for the future of bubblegum, Susan Montgomery Williams and Joyce Samuels met in an MTV show called “Call To Greatness.” Of the many national TV shows that they had been involved in, this was the first and only one they appeared in together.

Call To Greatness was a show put on by MTV in which they sent a busload of young guys accross the country to challenge Guinness World Record Holders at their own game. This one was set up at world famous Bubblegum Alley, a mecca of bubblegum wonderfulness, (some might say “gloppiness,” but those who would probably aren’t reading this).

The results of the TV show had Joyce easily beating her challenger. But the result with Susan was one steeped in controversy. Bubblegum Alley can be a very windy place, unfortunately not always conducive to blowing the best bubbles, and that seemed to happen on this day. So, Susan was defeated, but what really makes the show of incredible note was a graphic that was posted at the end of the show that said that while she was there Susan had blown a bubble of 24 inches. For whatever unfortunate reasons, this was not shown on TV. But what’s interesting to note that that bubble would have broken the current (at the time of this writing) Guinness World Record of 23 inches, a mark she set on the Regis and Kathy Lee show in 1996.

This meeting of the two bubblegum greats would later be the spark that would ignite them in their joining together to persue the creating of bubblegum’s future.

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