BOMB Blast 33: Joyce Samuels Creates a New Guinness World Record

Joyce Samuels, the “Gum Blowin’ Granny,” did one of the most unique things ever in the history of bubblegum when she created a whole new category of bubblegum greatness when she created the Guinness World Record for biggest bubblegum bubble blown from the nose.

The only person to ever hold the record as of the day this is written, Joyce’s record-inaugerating bubble was 11 inches, then she latter shattered that record with a MEGA 16 incher.

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One thought on “BOMB Blast 33: Joyce Samuels Creates a New Guinness World Record

  1. Hi, Joyce: Rememadber me? I had a stuaddio at the Redadwood City Art Center.…with Mary Stahl.…got divorced in 2004.…took a W/C workadshop with you that year at Asiloadmar (we paneitd two still-life pictures.…with a mason jar.…and another container).…I have them hangading in my bedroom.…and love them!!All my art backadround has moradphed into doing art quilts!! But I DO miss painting.…and by chance, came upon the artiadcle about you in the 2004 Winadter issue of “Wateradcolor” magadaadzine. Do you ever do 4–5 day workadshops on w/c anyadmore? I now live in downadtown Martinez.…and “might” be interadested in such a class. Howadever, I haven’t paneitd in 6 yrs.…and I’d be “rusty”…to say the least!!! I do have all the necadesadsary supplies.…tho don’t know if my w/c tubes would still be useadful at this point!!?Would love to hear from you.…and find out if any of this could posadsiadbly hapadpen!! Looks like you are doing great with your paintading career! Kudos to you.….and hope to hear from you.….Sincerely, Nancy Bourns (I used to be Nancy Halpern).….have gone back to my maiden name!!! 925–335-2451

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