BOMB Blast 19: Walter Diemer-Big Bubbles Only Concern

At least that’s how it seemed to me.

I love how this was done.

Bubblegum was pink because it was the only coloring he could find. And the original formula has stayed pink until the day this was written, and probably will be long after that. And the taste has stayed the same. It just seemed like once the invention was done the flavor and color was added and that stage was done. They were seemingly almost just pure afterthoughts. For all we know these decisions may have been made in a minutes time. “Oh look. There’s some pink coloring. Throw some in there and that’ll do. Who cares. We have big bubbles to blow and we need to ram that point home!”

Not saying that’s exactly what was done, but if so I wouldn’t be surprised. Actually I’d be pleased.

Because this is BUBBLEgum we’re talking about!

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