BOMB Blast 17: Walter Diemer Sells First Bubblegum

According to the story you listen to, it was either 100 pieces or 5 pounds of bubblegum (maybe 100 pieces were five pounds) were sold at a candy store in Philadelphia at a penny a piece. Every piece was sold. These days selling 100 pieces of bubblegum for 1 cent each and making a dollar might not sound like too big of a deal. But back then when a penny was worth way more then it is now, it must have been a really big deal. And especially with a product that probably not one person who bought it had ever heard of it before. I’m sure when that happened Walter Deimer, Gilbert Mustin and everyone else at the Frank Fleer Corporation must have known the dream was all set to pay off big. And they were right, since in the first year they sold bubblegum they sold over 1.5 million dollars worth!

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