BOMB Blast 13: Gilbert Mustin Hires Walter Deimer

It’s been said that Walter Deimer was 23 years old when he invented bubblegum in 1928. I don’t know when he was hired by the Frank H. Fleer Corporation, but you figure seven years earlier in 1921, When Fleer died, he would have only been 17 years old, so it’s a pretty good bet that he hadn’t worked there at that time and more than likely had never met Frank Fleer. A bit more likely would be that he was hired at more like the age of 21, which would have been in 1926. An account says that Deimer’s office as a cost accountant was very near Mustin’s so it was likely that it was Mustin who hired him. However or whenever it happened, this was obviously a big day in bubblegum history that might have worked out quite differently if Deimer would have gone to work somewhere else.

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