BOMB Blast 10: Frank Fleer Starts New Company

Who knows what Frank Fleer was thinking when he sold his company in 1909. But in 1913 he found himself back in business, starting the Frank H. Fleer Company. One thing about this that is really fascinating is that, apparently, the terms of the sale in 1909 didn’t allow Fleer to get into the gums-made-with-chicle business. That seems extremely significant since, when bubblegum was invented 15 years later it was a product that apparently didn’t contain chicle. It could very well be that if Fleer hadn’t sold his company in 1909 and had this restriction put on him, chicle might have been continued to be used, and possibly, the innovation that bubblegum required to be invented may never have been attempted. Could it be possible that, without the sale of the company that bubblegum would never have been invented?

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