BOMB Blast 52: BWC Flounders

This is a post about the sad state of bubblegum affairs. In a problem we never dreamed would happen, suddenly around 2007-2008, we begin getting complaints that bubblegum blowing quality was deteriorating, and to the day this is written there is not really any evidence that this trend is reversing. This has caused entries and interest in the BUBBLEGUM WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP to plummet. Why this has happened is anybody’s guess.

Never had we anticipated such a crises. We call on bubblegum companies to step forward and try to help us out of it with quality made bubblegum, but whether they will hear the call or not remains to be seen.

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BOMB Blast 51: First Bubblegum Bubble Cards Created

2010 brought about something that harkens back to the days of Frank Fleer. That was when we created a bubblegum card set of bubble blowers who had competed in the BWC. We are sure Frank Fleer, Gilbert Mustin and Walter Diemer would have loved this. Bubblegum cards for great bubble blowers.

We hope that one day bubblegum cards will reappear.

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BOMB Blast 50: First International Winner of a Major Bubble Blowing Contest Named.

The BUBBLEGUM WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP had a most exciting moment when we declared the first winner of a major bubblegum contest from out of the United States. Stunis, a bubble blower from London who is reknown for blowing bubbles that are thought of as works of art, became a BWC World Champion, the first non-American ever to accomplish such a feat.

The BWC had indeed taken world champion bubble blowing international.

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