BOMB Blast 14: Gilbert Mustin has Walter Diemer Tend to an Experiment

BOMB Blast 14: Gilbert Mustin has Walter Diemer Tend to an Experiment

According to one account, Mustin had a lab set up next to his office where he was experimenting on a new gum base (I wonder if the ban on Frank Fleer using chicle was still in effect at this time), and he had Walter Deimer, who’s office was next door, tend to the experiment. Apparently Deimer became fascinated with the experimenting and began doing some of his own.

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BOMB Blast 13: Gilbert Mustin Hires Walter Deimer

It’s been said that Walter Deimer was 23 years old when he invented bubblegum in 1928. I don’t know when he was hired by the Frank H. Fleer Corporation, but you figure seven years earlier in 1921, When Fleer died, he would have only been 17 years old, so it’s a pretty good bet that he hadn’t worked there at that time and more than likely had never met Frank Fleer. A bit more likely would be that he was hired at more like the age of 21, which would have been in 1926. An account says that Deimer’s office as a cost accountant was very near Mustin’s so it was likely that it was Mustin who hired him. However or whenever it happened, this was obviously a big day in bubblegum history that might have worked out quite differently if Deimer would have gone to work somewhere else.

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BOMB Blast 12: Gilbert Mustin Takes Over


After Frank Fleer’s retirement, in a move that harkened back to Frank Fleer’s beginnings in the in-law’s business, Gilbert Mustin, Fleer’s son-in-law, took over. I think it goes without saying that when you get in the family business and there is a dream like the creation of bubblegum which has been gotten so close to, that you keep the dream alive, and that’s exactly what Mustin did.

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BOMB Blog 28: Does Bubble Gum Have Spider Eggs in it?

Lots of good things and bad things have been said about bubblegum over the last eighty two years of bubblegum history.

But one of the most bizarre came when kids started saying some bubblegum had spider eggs (or is it spider legs) in it.

Did these rumors lead to a lot of teachers and people who had to clean bubblegum off the bottom of desks and theater seats to jump on the spider egg bandwagon? I don’t know, but this certainly gave a lot of ammunition to anyone anti-bubblegum.

It was a shame though, as apparently over $100,000 was spent to battle such rumors.

Read more about this strange story here.

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BOMB Blast 11: Frank Fleer Dies

While this is listed as a BOMB Blast, it is really an extremely sad day. Frank Fleer died in 1921, of apoplexy, just seven years short of the invention of bubblegum. Another question arises here. The hiring of Walter Diemer at his company was still a few years away at the time of his death. If Frank Fleer had stayed alive and been in charge at the time Walter Diemer was hired, could it have been possible that that event would never have happened? You just never know. In any event, Fleer had laid the groundwork, and in my opinion deserves to be a far greater hero than it seems like he is ever ackknowledged to be.

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BOMB Blast 10: Frank Fleer Starts New Company

Who knows what Frank Fleer was thinking when he sold his company in 1909. But in 1913 he found himself back in business, starting the Frank H. Fleer Company. One thing about this that is really fascinating is that, apparently, the terms of the sale in 1909 didn’t allow Fleer to get into the gums-made-with-chicle business. That seems extremely significant since, when bubblegum was invented 15 years later it was a product that apparently didn’t contain chicle. It could very well be that if Fleer hadn’t sold his company in 1909 and had this restriction put on him, chicle might have been continued to be used, and possibly, the innovation that bubblegum required to be invented may never have been attempted. Could it be possible that, without the sale of the company that bubblegum would never have been invented?

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BOMB Blast 9: Frank Fleer Sells Company

This is probably not an actual BOMB Blast but it is an interesting fork in the bubblegum invention road. In 1909 Fleer sold his company. I don’t know why it happened, but I wonder if there was any chance the failure of Blibber-Blubber had anything to do with it. It could have been that he just didn’t see how it could work out, but that’s just speculation. It’s interesting to note though that the company that bought Fleer’s company held Fleer’s invention, the Chiclet, in such high regard that they added the word “Chiclet” to their name.

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BOMB Blast 8: Frank Fleer Invents Blibber-Blubber

In 1906 Fleer invented what was called the first bubble gum, which he called “Blibber-Blubber” (is it just mere coincidence, or did this have anything to do with the idea of “flubber?”). Rather it was “real” bubblegum or not I guess is a question open for interpretation, because there were a number of problems with it, one being that it was difficult to blow bubbles with. There were so many problems that Blibber-Blubber never made it to store shelves. At any rate, with the coming of Blibber-Blubber, Fleer had brought his company closer to the reality of real bubblegum then anyone had ever been before.

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Expert Web Designers Rip

Well, I don’t know for sure that they really are experts, but I’ll give them that credit.

I wrote a yahoo question looking for advice anyone could give me on getting the website into Google’s 10 ten for a search of bubblegum.

What I got was a big blast of what I’ll call “constructive criticism.”

Among the criticisms were:

“…hoped it would appear on page 200 of a google search.”
“…place your site within the top ten worst sites.”
“You have no idea on how to build a Website.”
“Your site is terrible…”
“I am sorry to say your site looks like the worse bubblegum site in the world…”

Thanks for your opinions guys. But after reading what you’ve said I have more questions to ask you. has not been built by a highly paid professional website designer and, as such, may very well include, or not include, things that would make such a person deem the website the way it was above.

So here’s my questions.

If the website is so bad, why is it in Google’s 14th position for the searchword “bubblegum?” 14th is on page 2, it isn’t on page 200.

If it is the worst bubblegum website, then why is it above over 18,000,000 other websites for the search bubblegum?

If our site is terrible, or worse, that we have no idea how to build a website at all, then why does Google mention it at all?

If you guys say what you say about the website and Google says something completely different, then does that make you bigger experts than Google?

If we follow your advice, how much higher then 14th can we expect our website to rank?

And finally, if we get a really excellent website developer to build us a new website, how much higher do you think our website will climb?

Thanks for the advice, guys. Just trying to make the best of it.

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BUBL asks “What’s The Problem With The Guinness World Record Holder”

This was an article that appeared about the challenge to Chewsy Suzy and why there was no respnse to it from either her, Grace Samuels or Bobby “BOOM BOOM” Bickerson.

The Blowing Unbelievable Bubbles League (BUBL) expresses confusion over the response to a challenge they made to the blower of the world’s largest bubblegum bubble.

“BUBL has issued a challenge to Susan Montgomery Williams, the blower of a 23 inch bubble gum bubble which has been proclaimed by Guinness as the largest bubblegum bubble blown” said Dr. Enaught T. Wiseham, co-founder of BUBL. “We want to know what her thoughts are about bubbles that have been blown that are larger than 23 inches.”

“All we have found in response is a press release from her spokesman, a Bobby “Boom Boom” Bickerson, who seems more intent on putting us down rather than answering our question. He says she has nothing to prove and he’s right. But that doesn’t address the point we are making.” said Earl “The Gum Bubble Coach” Hartwell, co-founder of

“Coach, what did you say his name was? Bobby “Big Mouth” Bickerson? That’s what he sounded like to me” Wiseham continued. “Anyway, he’s right. She has nothing to prove. She’s the most famous bubble blower ever. But that doesn’t answer our question. This whole refusal to talk about it is pretty curious.”

“I’ll say” said Hartwell. “A little research on Chewsy Suzy shows some pretty astounding facts. Now we know for sure that bigger bubbles than 23 inches have been blown, and not just because we’ve blown them. How do we know? Because, apparently, she herself has blown them! Just look at some examples of her TV appearances. She said on the Johnny Carson show that she has blown bigger bubbles. Then there was her appearance at Bubblegum Alley on the “Call To Greatness” show on MTV, where a graphic said she blew a bubble 24 inches during filming. Finally there is the youtube video from Spanish TV. Just look at the measuring stick that says “28″ on it! (A video that can be seen at And that’s just from a few of her TV appearances. And if that’s not enough, just look at the picture of her mammoth bubble in the July 1990 issue of Smithsonian Magazine, the one where her picture is next to a picture of bubblegum’s inventor, Walter Deimer. No telling how big she has blown other bubbles!”

“If you don’t believe it when I tell you that the Coach and I know bubbles bigger than 23 inches can be blown because we’ve done it lots of times, then just look at the videos. Of course she’s blown bigger bubbles. The videos prove it! And she won’t even say anything to us about it!” said Wiseham.

“While I’ve looked up to Chewsy Suzy for a long time, she’s also the source of years of frustration. But this is the capper. It’s time BUBL corrects this situation, and does it for the benefit of everyone who blows or even dreams of blowing big bubbles!”

“So Chewsy Suzy, Joyce Samuels (Guinness World Record Holder for blowing the largest bubblegum bubble from the nose), and Bobby ‘Boom Boom’ Bickerson, there’s nothing to be evasive about. You know by your own experience that bigger bubbles have been blown than your world record bubble, and now it’s time for BUBL to break open the world of blowing big bubbles for good. Be warned!”

“That’s right” said Hartwell. “This is a great day ever for big bubble blowers and bubblegum worldwide. Chewsy Suzy has had a stranglehold on the World Record for over 28 years, but now that the secret is out about bubbles larger than her record, it’s time for us to give her the “GUMpetition” she’s been asking for all this time!”

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