BOMB Blast 5: Frank Fleer Joins Otto Holstein’s Company

He married Otto’s daughter, and what I’m not clear about is whether he was working for the company at the time or if he joined the company after he married her. In any case, sometime probably in the early 1880′s Fleer joined Holstein’s company, and, surrounded by flavoring extracts and thoughts of what they must have been used for, I imagine the wheels of progress must have began turning in Frank Fleers mind, and oh, the places those wheels would eventually take him!

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Totally Bubblegum Websites and Google Rankings

It’s Christmas and I thought I’d spread a little Christmas cheer to some I think deserve it.

Plus vent a little. Oh well.

What I have to say is about Google ratings, and/or a lack of them. Some things really bother me about this. is really trying hard to get into the Google top ten when the word “bubblegum” is Googled. We think we deserve it because our site is all about bubblegum and bubblegum bubbles, and it’s the best site about them. Explore a little and see if I’m telling the truth. While we are pretty close to the top 10, we just can’t quite seem to get over the top.

Another thing about us is we are all about bubblegum from end to end. We are not a single page or group of pages on a website that otherwise has very little or nothing to do about bubblegum, nor are we a website or webpage that mentions the word “bubblegum” but has totally nothing to do with the stuff you chew.

That’s what really gets me about Google. Do searches for “bubblegum” and “bubble gum” (without quotation marks) and you will find very few websites that are all about actual bubblegum from beginning to end. Wouldn’t you think that’s exactly the kind of passion and focus that Google searchers are looking for?

What you really get is something quite different. So I decided to do a study of search results and here’s what I found at the time of the study.

I did a search for “bubblegum” and got 795 actual websites and under “bubble gum” I got 700. That’s 1495 websites out of a total of over 44,000,000 results.

Here’s more of what I found.

1) Highly ranked websites that had parts of them that had a lot to do with actual bubblegum.
2) Large websites that had a single page about bubblegum that happened to get highly rated.

3) Large Websites that had a single page on them that had the word “bubblegum” or “bubble gum” on them that had absolutely nothing to do with actual bubblegum that got highly rated. These are the most aggravating of all.

4) 6 websites that were all about bubblegum from beginning to end.

So I’m writing this to salute those 6 websites I found (if I missed any at the time I wrote this, let me know) that are all about bubblegum, and to give them some recognition, plus a valuable link that will hopefully help their search results.

First of all was the second most highly ranked website in both searches, BubbleGum Day. This is a website that has designated a special day of the year (this year its Feb. 4) as a bubblegum chewing fundraiser, where, for example, schoolchildren can pay a small amount of money and be able to chew bubblegum for the day, with the money to go to a worthy cause. This website was ranked #26 and #35 in the searches.

Next was a website about a bubblegum manufacturer in Texas, Andy Paris: Bubblegum King. This website was ranked #63 in a search for bubblegum.

The next one was Bubble Gum Blog. This page has quite a bit of good general information about bubblegum with links to where you can buy several brands. It was ranked #258 and #223.

The fourth one I found was OMG Bubble Gum Bubbles. It was a number of pages of people blowing bubbles. It was ranked #229 in a search for bubblegum.

The last was which appears to be a one page animation about bubblegum. It was ranked #260.

Topping both lists at #18 and #26 was Bubblegum Heaven .com. All about bubblegum, the bubbles it blows, the people who blow it and of course, The BUBBLEGUM WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP, bubble blowing’s greatest contest.

I’d just like to thank these websites for keeping so tightly focused on bubblegum and wish them good luck on their climb through the ratings.

And if Google’s listening, I think it sure would be great if you gave more credit to websites that are really focused on actual, honest to goodness bubblegum.

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A Blog About the Flavor of Bubblegum.

What flavor is bubblegum?

That’s the subject of a blog titled “Nagging questions: What flavor is bubble gum?”

Well, it “tastes like bubblegum,” right? It must be “bubblegum flavor.” Isn’t it?

It’s a nice blog and well worth reading, but, when you get right down to it, when your going for World Championship bubbles, flavor doesn’t mean a hill of beans. Whatever it is, it’s gonna be flavorless anyway by the time you get it down to bubble blowing time.

Because bubble gum is about big BUBBLES, not taste.

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Has Susan Montgomery Williams Guinness World Record 23 Incher Been Broken?

This article came out in 2008 about Malik Zaheer Hussain, a Pakistani who claims to have blown a 30 inch bubble, which, if verified by Guinness World Records, would shatter the mark of BOMB Squad Hero Susan Montgomery Williams.

On the page referred to, which includes a picture of Malik blowing a huge bubble using the technique Susan invented, The Chewsy Suzy Cinch, Malik says he contacted Guinness about his bubble but we have never heard anything about the record being broken. It’s still, as far we know the day this was written, as Suzy would say, “32 years and still looking for some GUMpetition!”

Well, I’ll tell you, I have good news and bad news about this story. I’ll start with the bad.

I talked with Susan a lot about this and found out it is very difficult to break a Guinness World Record. Because not only do you have to perform the accomplishment, you have to do it under Guinness- approved conditions, which makes it way more difficult.

I’ve witnessed Susan blow much bigger bubbles than her record 23 incher, and she told me she has blown 30+ inches in competitions, the only problem was they weren’t done according to what Guinness wanted, and so, no new record. Because let’s face it. Chances are a great bubble blower is going to sometimes if not often blow bigger bubbles in the comfort of their own home with no pressure on then when they are asked to perform with the record on the line. That’s the bad news, but on the other hand it does contain a bit of good news for people looking to break the record. That is, if you can do it Guinness style, you only have to beat 23 inches and not 30 or more to get that record.

The other good news is this. In another article on your bubble it said you were willing to accept any challenge to prove your skill. That’s great, because now you can compete in the contest Susan helped create, The BUBBLEGUM WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP, and compete against the world’s greatest bubble blowers. The rules are far less restrictive than those of Guinness, you can compete whenever you like, and if you blow a really great bubble you can win the World Championship of bubble blowing and write your name into the history books that way.

So Malik, come on down and bring your best bubbles. Because at Bubblegum Heaven you always have a chance at bubble gum glory!

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BOMB Blast 4: Frank Fleer Marries Otto Holstien’s Daughter

It was quite a quirk of fate when one day in what was probably the early 1880′s Frank Fleer married Otto Holstein’s daughter. I don’t know what her name was, but what’s really important was that Fleer was now Holstein’s (the owner of the company) son-in-law. Whether Fleer was involved in the company at this point is unknown, but if he wasn’t, he was getting close…

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Google, Please Put Our Website in the Top 10 for a Keyword Search “Bubblegum.”

We think we deserve it.

Do a keyword search for the word “bubblegum,” look through a number of pages and see what you get.

A) Lots of pages that have the word “bubblegum” on them but have absolutely nothing to do with that great pink stuff you chew or

B) Lots of pages that have something to do with real bubblegum but are a parts of huge websites who’s main topics are not bubblegum, and may possibly be the only page on some of those websites that have anything to do with bubblegum or

C) At least one website that deals only with bubblegum, or more specifically, what has made bubblegum what it is today, big, glorious bubbles.

It’s our opinion, and we think you would probably agree that when a person is doing a search, he would probably be very, if not most, interested in websites that are totally devoted to the keyword he is searching for.

That’s our case with We believe that anybody who is searching the word “bubblegum” is more than likely most interested in actual bubblegum, and that’s our subject from one end of the website to the other.

So we are asking Google to do it’s visitors a service and to place one website that is totally dedicated to bubblegum and bubble blowing on it’s top ten list for the search “bubblegum” (with no quotation marks). That way there will be one entire website on that list that is about nothing but bubblegum and the bubbles it blows. The kind of website that really rewards Google visitors with what they are searching for.

Please Google, to better serve your visitors. Put, #18 at the time this was written, on your top ten list for bubblegum.

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BOMB Blast 3: Frank Fleer is Born.

1860. 11 years after the Gold Rush, 12 years after the first commercial chewing gum and 9 years before the first chewing gum patent and 1 year before the country plunged into the Civil War was born Frank Henry Fleer, bubblegum’s biggest visionary, a man who, had he never existed, bubblegum today may never have existed and perhaps chewing gum as we know it may never have existed.

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BOMB Blast 2: Otto Holstein Opens an Extracts Company in Philadelphia.

Shortly after the first chewing gum and in the same year as the Gold Rush, in a wholly unrelated event, a German Quaker by the name of Otto Holstein opened an extracts company.

Little did he realize at the time that he was setting the groundwork for a product that would one day become one of the most incredible business stories to ever happen.

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BOMB Blast 1: Commercial Chewing Gum is Born.

In 1848, shortly before the Gold Rush, came what could be called the “GUM Rush,” the first commercial chewing gum, started on the other side of the country, in Maine.

While the idea of chewing things which seemed to perhaps be like chewing gum had been around for a long time, this was apparently the first time people had began to try to make money off it, and once something like that happens and is successful it will gain attention.

As this is written 163 years later, gum is everywhere, including about 169,000,000 results when you do a Google search for the word gum. Yes. It definitely got attention!