2013-HAPPY 85th Anniversary Bubblegum!
Happy 5th Anniversary

Lots of bubbles come with grandiose, overblown claims like "biggest bubble ever."
Some people might describe many of these dinky bubbles with cutesy feelie-goodies like
"darling" and "adorable." Here at Bubblegum Heaven we back up such claims with facts
like "Guinness World Record," "BOMB Squad Hero," and "Bubblegum World Champion."

If you want big bubbles, you've come to the right place.
The home of the biggest bubbles ever blown!

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CHAD FELL, The GUINNESS WORLD RECORD HOLDER For Largest Unnassisted Bubble, Joins The BOMB Squad
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A Letter To The Visitors Of bubblegumheaven.com From BWC Commissioner Bobby "Boom Boom" Bickerson

Bubblegumheaven.com is a website made for bubble gum bubble blowers not by some company that wants to advertise their bubblegum, but rather by bubble blowers who care about only one thing. The biggest bubbles that can possibly be blown.

I guarantee you. That's a tremendous difference.

Bubble gum was invented back in 1928 to stand apart from all other gums and candies. To do something none of that other stuff could do. Blow gigantic bubbles, the bigger the better. But if you look at some of the top bubblegum websites (except bubblegumheaven.com, of course) at the time this is written you will most likely not see much if any indication of that. Oh, you may see a bit of chest thumping here and there about "big bubbles" but what you probably won't see is much real evidence of that.

It's sad to think that anyone connected with bubble gum could forget it's rich and storied past and the giant bubbles that built the legend. But not everyone has forgotten. Bubblegum Heaven, led by it's creators, The Blowers of Mega Bubbles, The BOMB Squad, is here not only to merely save the day, but to go far beyond that and create the future of bubblegum. And all with a simple recipe. "GUM"petition. Blowing the biggest bubbles possible. It's a recipe that cooked up the early thoughts of bubble gum, it's invention, it's rise to world wide success, and now, it's future.

Bubblegum Heaven sprang from the ideas of bubble gum's greatest bubble blower, the late Susan Montgomery Williams, who has held the Guinness World Record for largest bubble for over 32 years at the time this was written, powered by her invention of, what was at the time, a new way to blow a bubble. Her wild lifelong bubblegum journey led her to many countries around the world, with countless national and local TV appearances. She was truly a one woman free publicity making machine for the bubble gum industry and was a beacon to kids, millions of them who dreamed of being the person "Chewsy Suzy" was, the world record holder for blowing the largest bubbles, and to do all the fun things she got to do.

Susan was well aware of all the people who would have loved to get some attention for blowing bubbles. She knew like no one ever has just how good that attention feels, and wanted desperately for others to be able to earn recognition for their bubble blowing abilities. But she knew all too well just how limited those opportunities were. So in later years, along with the coming of the internet, ideas were formed, possibilities emerged and actions were taken to expand those opportunities. To give others the chance to experience some of the fame and glory she had experienced. To write their names into the bubble gum history book. And who knows. Possibly to even surpass what she had done.

What happened was like a snowball going down the mountain, small at first but picking up speed and size as it went. Gaining momentum, "BIG MO." It began with Susan and the publicity she made. It spread when she teamed with Joyce Samuels, the "Gum Blowin' Granny," the Guinness World Record Holder for blowing the largest bubble from the nose. These two had met during the taping of MTV's "Call to Greatness" TV show which was filmed at world famous bubble gum mecca, Bubble Gum Alley, in San Luis Obispo, California. From that meeting later came the first alliance of Guinness World Record bubble gum blowers to create even more bubble blowing publicity.

This act was to catch the attention of another faction of great bubble blowers who felt differently about bubble blowing than Guinness did. They felt that, in order to blow the biggest bubbles possible, that the rule Guinness had for blowing bubbles, that you could only use a maximum of three pieces to blow a Guinness approved bubble was an artificial rule that really had no place in blowing the actual biggest bubbles possible. This led to the rise of a group called the Blowing Unbelieveable Bubbles League , or "BUBL."

Soon a minor war of words between the Guinness alliance and BUBL started up, with Susan and Joyce claiming they abide by Guinness rules, while BUBL said larger bubbles could be blown by using more peices then three. It was a short term skirmish when both sides realized that both sides made very good points. When that happened, the alliance and BUBL came together and formed a new group, the Blowers Of Mega Bubbles, the BOMB Squad.

At the time of it's formation the BOMB Squad consisted of Susan Montgomery Williams, Joyce Samuels, and BUBL founders Dr. Enaught T. Wiseham, who had blown the biggest actual bubble, and Earl "The Gum Bubble Coach" Hartwell, Canada's Greatest Bubble Blower, who has since left the BOMB Squad. As this is being written the current biggest news in the bubble gum world is the addition of Chad Fell, Guinness World Record Holder for blowing the largest unnassisted bubble, as the newest BOMB Squad Hero.

The BOMB Squad was the beginning of the answer to Susan's long time dream of giving other people the chance at bubble blowing fame. Because now there was a new top level of bubble gum greatness that a person could aspire to, one that went above and beyond the old standard, her Guinness World Record for blowing the largest bubble.

BOMB Squad Hero. It means more then just blowing the biggest bubbles ever. It means doing great things for bubble gum and it's bubble blowers. It means expanding those opportunitites. It means giving more people their shot at bubble gum glory. It means building bubble gum's future. And that's what they're doing. The first step was the development of Bubblegum Heaven, the bubblegumheaven.com website. Bubble gum's greatest website. A website entirely dedicated to bubblegum, it's bubble blowers, and the reason bubblegum was invented in the first place. Those giant bubbles.

Once Bubblegum Heaven was in place, attention turned to Susan's real dream, that chance to spread bubble gum glory. She knew the the key to bubblegum success boiled down to the simple cry heard from the tiniest bubble blowing schoolyard rumble all the way up to the biggest bubble blowing contests ever devised. "I can blow a bigger bubble than you." It was all about competition, or, to put it in what was probably her favorite word, "GUM"petition. The attention of The BOMB Squad turned to an idea that was near and dear to each of them, the develolpment of a bubble blowing contest. But not just your ordinary contest. Not a casual county fair type contest. Not a major bubblegum manufacturer type contest. Not even a Guinness World Record type competition. No. This one would be made by the people who had "been there, done that." This one would be made by the greatest bubble blowers ever in the way they would have liked to see bubble blowing contests happen. This one would be made like none other. This one would be made by The BOMB Squad.

They wanted to see a contest available to as many people as possible, in as many countries as possible. A contest that was open all the time, and available to contestants in the comfort and privacy of their own homes. A contest that was ongoing, where the chance to win would always be there. A contest that didn't give a fig about how beautiful or cute or adorable the contestants were. A contest that had nothing to do with promoting a certain type of bubblegum. A contest that placed no restirctions on what kind of bubble gum or how much of it an entrant could use. A contest that only cared about that magic formula. Who could blow the biggest bubble. And a contest that could offer up the biggest bubble gum prize possible. The World Championship of Bubble Blowing. A contest that would allow a bubble blower to come out of nowhere and climb to the top of the bubble blowing world and raise his finger to the sky and proclaim "I'm Number 1!"

That contest is the BUBBLEGUM WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP, The BWC. The greatest bubble blowing contest ever. Made by The BOMB Squad Heroes. Presented by Bubblegum Heaven. It's your chance at fame and glory, just as BOMB Squad Hero Susan Montgomery Williams had dreamed so many years ago, and who knows, it could be your chance to become a BOMB Squad Hero as well.

So, welcome to Bubblegum Heaven, bubblegumheaven.com, bubble gum's greatest website. Take a look at the giant bubbles, the biggest ones on the internet, the biggest ones ever blown. Dream dreams of glory. Blow big bubbles. Enter the BWC. Give us some GUMpetition. Live some of the things Susan and the other BOMB Squad Heroes want you to live. It's fun, fantastic and free!

Bobby "BOOM BOOM" Bickerson

Great Moments In

bubblegumheaven.com bubble Chad Fell at Hooters

Chad Fell, Guinness World Record Holder for largest unnassisted bubble, became the newest member of The BOMB Squad in February 2011. This induction made all current Guinness World Bubblegum Blowing Record Holders BOMB Squad Heroes.

Great Moments In


AG Wins the 2013 3rd Quarter BUBBLEGUM WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP at Bubblegum's 85th Anniversary and the 5th Anniversary of the BWC, Bubblegum's greatest bubble blowing contest, and breaks the record for most World Championships!

bubblegumheaven.com The BOMB Squad picture

The Blowers Of Mega Bubbles. The BOMB Squad. Three Guinness World Record Holders (GWRH) and the man who blew the actual largest bubble. The greatest bubble blowers ever.

Susan Montgomery Williams, GWRH for blowing the largest bubble. Joyce Samuels, GWRH for blowing the largest bubble gum bubble from the nose. Chad Fell, GWRH for largest unnassisted bubble. And Dr. Enaught T. Wiseham, who blew the actual largest bubble, form the BOMB Squad. The creators of much of both bubblegum history and Bubblegum Heaven. Read my letter to the left for more about The BOMB Squad.

bubblegumheaven.com BWC picture

The BUBBLEGUM WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP. The BWC. The BOMB Squad Heroes wanted to make it so that others could experience some of the fame and glory they had. And they knew that came by answering the age old question, who could blow the biggest bubble. So they created a contest like they would have liked to have seen when they were coming up. One that was open all the time. One where they wouldn't even have to leave their homes to enter. One that was only about blowing the biggest bubble possible. A contest like the BUBBLEGUM WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP. And now, thanks to them, it exists. Click here for more about the BWC.

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Create a contest like the BWC, one that is all about the biggest bubbles possible rather than a certaing brand of bubblegum and what are you going to get? Of course the biggest bubbles ever blown in contests. And that's exactly what has happened.

Based on examinations of many contest results and on the recollections of BOMB Squad Heroes, it is declared that, barring evidence to the contrary, curretly the largest 83 bubbles ever blown in competitions have been in the BWC. Click here to check out these incredible bubbles.

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BWC Commissioner Bobby "BOOM BOOM" Bickerson presents The BOMB Blog, the blog of Bubblegum Heaven. Here you will find news of the bubbe gum word and bubble gum history. You will find an amazing array of things called "bubble gum"which have nothing to do with the wonderful pink stuff you chew and make gigantic bubbes with. You will see, as a result of a public service, some of what happens when you write your own blog. And you can see the Super Blow. But best of all, you can comment on some or all of it! Join us at The BOMB Blog and tell us your thoughts.

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bubblegumheaven.com bubble Joyce and Suzy picture

Joyce Samuels and Susan Montgomery Williams Meet during the shooting of MTV's "Call To Greatness" at world famous bubblegum mecca Bubblegum Alley in San Luis Obispo California. These two would later unite in an effort to bring more publicity to bubble blowing and would have much to do with what you see on BubblegumHeaven.com.

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The formation of The BOMB Squad marked the coming together of the greatest bubble blowers the world had ever seen. The pictures you see here are taken from bubblegum cards that were produced at the time BWC awards were given in 2010. Three of the awards were named after the BOMB Squad Heroes, The Susan Montgomery Williams Memorial Lifetime Acheivement Award, The Dr. Enaught T. Wiseham Bubble Of The Year Award and the Joyce Samuels Story Of The Year Award.

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August 8, 2008. This was the 80th anniversary of Walter Diemer's invention of bubblegum (click here to read Commissioner Bickerson's greatest account of this story ever), and The BOMB Squad set out to celebrate the occasion in grand style, with the introduction of bubblegum's greatest bubble blowing contest ever on that date, The BUBBLEGUM WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP.

Mr. Diemer knew the secret to bubblegum's success was all about the big bubble, the bigger the better, and the BWC has hammered that idea home, producing the biggest bubbles ever blown in bubble blowing contests.

Most Tragic Moment
bubblegumheaven.com bubble Susans headstone

Susan Montgomery Williams
Bubblegum's Greatest Bubble Blower

bubblegumheaven.com Suzys last bubble

Thanks for the memories
and all you did for bubblegum!
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Enter the BUBBLEGUM WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP and get a valuable link on the BubblegumHeaven.com homepage back to your website or page, plus (in what may or may not be a permanent feature) we are putting up a picture of each participant and their highest world rank. Send your friends here and show them what a great world ranked bubble blower you are!

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bubblegumheaven.com CCCCarly214 BUBBLEGUM WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP picture

Great Moments In

bubblegumheaven.com biggest bubble blown BWC winner

BG wins the first BUBBLEGUM WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP, blowing, at the time this is written, the biggest bubble ever in the BWC, which is also the biggest bubble ever blown in a non-GWR contest.

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